Beats Per Minute Calculator

Find Beats Per Minute and Length of a Beat in Seconds

Tap the beat on any key.

BPM (Beats per Minute): 0

1/4 beat or a sixteenth note is 0 seconds.

1/2 beat or an eight note is 0 seconds.

1 beat or a quarter note is 0 seconds.

2 beats or a half note is 0 seconds.

4 beats or a whole note is 0 seconds.

I often need to enter the BPM (Beats per Minute) for a song I'm working on into some software. This small app will calculate the BPM by tapping on any key. Tap the beat evenly for 10 seconds or so and it will display the BPM as well as the period or length in seconds. These numbers can come in handy when setting digital delays or other effects that are some fraction or multiple of a beat so they will be in time with the music.